Work by the sea

Guest blog post by PhD. Marko Hakonen

As a continuum to Satu Koivisto’s blog entitled “Why do employees choose to work in a coffee house or library? I provide my subjective view of pleasures on working in a café by the sea. This particular café is my favorite for many reasons. It has basic functions for work, that is free WiFi and electricity plugs near the tables. Moreover, the menu and relatively silent customers especially during working hours support work.


Still, the above mentioned factors are mere basic requirements. What makes the place special for me and what inspires me is the location. Helsinki is a seashore city and many cafés are located by the shoreline. My favorite one is near my home and I find other people working here almost every time I do. Now a fellow next to me has a pile of some work-related papers to read whereas I – after writing this blog – continue to run statistical analyses.

The essence of location is the sea. Mere lift of gaze and I see and the beautiful sea and the surrounding nature which are never the same. Today – in mid May – the view is dominated by scattered clouds, seagulls and a couple of fishermen in their boats trying to catch pikeperch. In the summer people come to enjoy sunny days at the terrace. The fall brings the plethora of colors of autumn, and winter the frozen sea, still and silent covered by soft and soothing snow filling the scenery with skiers, snowsurfers, and hikers.

I have found out that I often get my best ideas here or in other places like this. I remain waiting for results on the relationship between working atmosphere and creativity. While scientific evidence is gathered, join me at Cafe Torpanranta ( and try the effects yourself!

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