Coffee shops and co-working spaces unite!

One Tuesday morning I moved my office to Helsinki city centre, to a coffee house that actually supports teleworking. Café Köket is situated in the middle of Helsinki, near the Senate square and has good connections to public transportation. Coffee house has a free wi-fi connection and free printers for its users.

Interestingly, Café Köket has recently partnered with a startup initiative organized by the city of Helsinki and EnterpriseHelsinki, called NewCo Factory. The factory provides business acceleration services for new entrepreneurs and teaming with Café Köket provides the entrepreneurs with co-working facilities and exclusive discounts.

This type of collaboration between different service providers brings additional value to both organizations and their customers. As co-working is becoming more and more popular, it is inspiring to see these kind of partnerships that encourage separate individuals and experts to build up a community of their own – and to get excellent service at the same time. In Silicon Valley, where co-working has boomed in recent years, these types of partnerships are evolving rapidly. NextSpace, a co-working company that has seven locations across California, has recently teamed with a childcare provider. NextKids offers a workspace for parents and a carespace for children, and is especially targeted for entrepreneurs and employees who are not a part of a huge company.

Koket_inside Partnerships like this can enliven the city culture as well as provide better working opportunities and work-life balance to employees and entrepreneurs living in those cities. I find it enjoyable that while writing an academic paper or focusing on other creative tasks, I can be surrounded with a cosy atmosphere among other people and enjoy a cup of tea. From my window I could watch trams rolling by and see a glimpse of tourists taking photos of Helsinki Cathedral. In a table next to me someone was reading emails from his tablet and a pair of colleagues were having a meeting on the other side of the coffee house. And as the startup scene is bustling in Helsinki, collaborations like this are especially welcome!


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