Yahoo & Zappos Leaders Take Different Views on Innovation and Place

NextSpaceIn a recent post for the Silicon Valley Business Journal, I note the different perspectives that Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh offer on the role of location and innovation.

From Get Out of Your workplace Bubble:

Marissa Mayer spoke recently at the Great Place to Work conference about “the elephant in the room” — her decision to cancel Yahoo’s work from home policy and bring everyone back into the office. Fortune quotes her: “People are more productive when they’re alone…but they’re more collaborative and innovative when they’re together. ‹Together being together at work in this instance.›

Tony Hsieh writes about “collisions” in a recent Fortune post:

Community >= Office > Working from home alone

Or actually probably the better way to think about it is in terms of collisions and motion. Out in the community you’ll probably have more collisions and move around more than in the office.

Basically, I think it’s more beneficial if more employees were out and about downtown 3-4 hours/day (which is where I am now most of the time — I’d estimate I’m out and about downtown at least 3-4 hours/day in a collisionable way) than for me to go into the office 3-4 hours/day. So I’m trying to set the example for what I’d like everyone else to do if I had a magic wand.”

I offer some thoughts on the differing views in the post and hope for comments from a variety of organizational perspectives. Read the full post….


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