Interested in working flexibly? Read up on Workflex toolkit!

Would you like to reduce commuting, work when or where you feel most productive, or enhance your work-life balance? You may find the Toolkit for flexworkers very useful.

The American Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has produced a toolkit for flexworkers. The toolkit provides important tools for you when you consider your chances to work flexibly. First, it helps you to evaluate your own desire for flexwork (e.g., your own work-life values). Second, it offers guidance on how to talk to your supervisor and/or human resource professional in order to make your flexible work arrangement successful. Third, it helps you to understand your employer’s perspective to flexible work and business priorities.

I recommend the toolkit to all wannabe flexworkers and to employees who already work flexibly. However, as the guide is American, all solutions may not be as such applicable to different cultures. In addition, in terms of working places, the toolkit views flexibility rather narrowly; it only considers working from home or other designated remote location for specified times each week (that is, telecommuting or telework). However, as we know, flexwork may be done also in cafeterias, libraries, airports, hotels, busses, trains – anywhere one could imagine. However, despite these limitations, the Flexworker’s toolkit is really worth reading! Link to toolkit 


Photo by Plutor (Flickr; Creative Commons)


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